What is CORN.ph

Some types of people will try to fool you with email.

They'll try to make you think that you have a legitimate email, by showing you familiar email addresses in the CC field.

There are some domain names in the Philippines that end in dot com dot ph (.com.ph)

However, CORN in lowercase letters looks like COM.

So some people will try to fool you by showing what you think are legit email addresses ending in .COM.PH but are actually ending in .CORN.PH

Here's .COM.PH in lowercase: .com.ph

Here's .CORN.PH in lowercase: .corn.ph ("RN" will look like M in sans-serif fonts like Arial)

Now that you know, whenever someone tries to inform you of changes in payment terms (e.g., change in destination bank account, change in bank account name), check the email addresses in the thread if they're suddenly ending in .CORN.PH instead of .COM.PH

Stay safe, stay healthy.


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